Become A Vendor

The Windmill Farm & Craft Market is a juried market. All prospective vendors must go through the application process to be considered for a vendorship at The Windmill. Your application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee. If you are selected for an interview, you will be required to attend a meeting, where you will show a sample(s) of your product(s) for review. If you are selected to vend at the Windmill, you will be notified within five (5) days of acceptance. Each new vendor must attend a mandatory Orientation meeting.

Instructions To Vendor Applicants

Please print the Membership Application form and complete the first two pages. The first page asks only for the name of the applicant and the name of the business entity, the date of the application, a signature a nd address of the applicant.

The second page of the Membership Application requests information abo ut the vendor and its business organization, including the list of it ems that the applicant proposes to sell at the Windmill. Please compl ete the form as follows:

1. The "Vendor Name" is either the name of the applicant if the applic ant is an individual and not a partnership, corporation, or doing bu siness under an assumed name, or a corporation. If the vendor is a bu siness entity, then the business name should be listed there. If the requested documentation concerning the business entity does not exist, please indicate that on the application.

2. The Business Address is the address where you operate your farm, b usiness or other entity. The address to be listed here is not the Wi ndmill's address. For example, if you are a crafter and you practice y our craft in your home, then your home address is the "Business Addres s." The Business Telephone Number should be filled in the same way.

3. The Windmill is a co-operative corporation, and membership in the co -op is achieved through the one-time purchase of a share of common sto ck by a vendor. The subscription price is $25.00. One share of stock i s issued per vendor, and that vendor becomes a "Member," with the righ t to vote on matters brought before the members at the co-op's Annual Meeting. Members also are permitted to elect new directors and to sit o n the Board of Directors and various committees. If the vendor is a bus iness entity, but not a corporation, one individual must be designated as the "Member," for the issuance of a share of stock to that individua l. The proposed Member's Social Security Number must be provided for ou r records. In the case of a corporate entity, the corporation's federal tax identification number must be provided.

4. If the Vendor is a partnership, all business partners' names and add resses must be listed. A married couple operating a business may, but d oes not necessarily constitute a business partnership. If you and your spouse consider yourselves partners in your business, please list your spouse's name and address. Please provide us with a copy of your partne rship agreement, if you have one.

5. Your Merchandise Description must be specific. Please provide detailed descriptions of each item you intend to sell at The Windmill. If you do n ot provide detailed information, your application will not be processed, and will be returned to you.

Once your Membership Application is completed, please bring it, together wit h the required documentation concerning the business entity, if applicable, to the office of The Windmill Farm & Craft Market, 3900 Rte. 14A, Penn Yan, or mail it to The Windmill, P.O. Box 709, Penn Yan, NY 14527, or fax it to (315) 536-0012.


Sales Tax Number: In order to sell taxable items, you must obtain a Sales Tax Number from the State of New York. The sales tax certificate must b e posted in your booth and a copy filed in our office. If you do not ha ve a Sales Tax Number, you can call 1-800-225-5829 to request one, or y ou may obtain a form online at

Food Vendors: You may be required to contact the New York State Dept. o f Health at (315) 739-3030 for guidelines. A NYS Dept. of Health license is required for all food vendors. You may find the application at The license must be po sted in your booth and on file in the Windmill office before you will be allowed to vend. If you are marketing packaged foods, you also need to co ntact the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets at (518) 457-4492.