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The Pearl Reef

“FREE EAR PIERCING” with the purchase of piercing earrings.  We offer a selection of 14 Kt, 18 Kt., Titanium and 24 Kt gold plated earrings for sensitive ears.  Pearl & Gemstone Jewelry is also a specialty of ours.  You’ll find what you need with our loose gemstones that you can have mounted in the jewelry of your choice.  We offer a unique twist to pearls, we offer “PEARL DIVING” Reach in and pick your own oyster that we will open right in front of your eyes and you’ll get a “REAL PEARL”, then choose from a large selection of jewelry to have your Pearl mounted in only $20.  New “ROSE” OPAL JEWELRY, that is EXCLUSIVE to The Pearl Reef.  Come see our Hand cut Gemstone inlayed items.  Pearl Re-Stringing/Repair service is available.
Graduate G.I.A.

Phone: 315-536-0594