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Moonlit Mehndi

Henna Body Art, Toe Rings, and Natural Bath & Body Products.




Come into our oasis, where we will adorn your body and celebrate your soul.




Take delight while you watch the mesmerizing process of a freehand design dance across your skin.  We strive to provide an exotic and captivating experience as you observe a centuries old art form, then admire the color of your design as it deepens in 12 - 48 hours, then fades over the following 7-21 days.  Feel confident that Moonlit Mehndi's pure natural henna paste will deliver an exceptional stain.




Henna is an entertaining and safe way to explore body art without pain or commitment.




We also offer custom fit toe rings to adorn your newly hennaed or beautifully bare feet. 




Try our homemade, natural bath and body products.  We offer a selection for women & men any age. Products include; Bath Bombs, Solid Bubble Bars,  Solid Lotion Bars, Beard Balm, Hair Pomade, Pet Paw Balm, Lip Balms & Scrubs,  Body Butter,  Shaving Cream & Shaving Soap,  Solid Shampoo Bars, Natural Bug Repellant,  and massage candles. 




Moonlit Mehndi can be found on Facebook, Instagram, or at




We are located on the South Street of Shops next to S and I Signs & Softub Express.









Phone: 607-703-1144