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Deerskin Products Company

Deerskin Products was established in 1987.  We purchase raw deerhides and select the quality leather for our gloves.  We have the largest selection of wholesale deerskin gloves in the Northeaster states.  We welcome retailer inquiries throughout the U.S.

Professional low cost tanning is available for all animals.  We stock tanned animal skins, fur hats, faces, tails, feet, bones and mounts of most mammals.  We take custom orders for real wildlife creations as well as wooden silhouettes.  We also buy or trade deerskin gloves for tanned skins and leather.
Our motto: “We Recycle Creatures.”
Deerskin Products Co                                     Gary C. Lloyd
4992 County Rt. 12                                       Wildlife Biologist and Prop.
Andover, NY 14806                                       John Waters, Manager
607-587-8591 – phone                                  607-968-0591 (John)
607-587-9674 – fax                                       607-587-8591 (Gary)

Phone: (607) 587-8591
Address: 4992 County Road 12
City: Andover
State: NY
Zip: 14806