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Country Maid Bakery

Welcome to Country Maid Bakery,

We feature mouthwatering homemade to your kitchen table, Pies in all varieties and special "in season" favorites like fresh Finger Lakes Grape,right off the vine!

Cookies are everyone's favorites, look for our Daily Bakers Dozen Special, Mix and Match or all the same, you'll fall in love with the First Bite.

Just in case you're a Cake Lover, we've got you covered, with so many to choose from you might need more than one.

Is there ANYTHING THAT SMELLS BETTER than Fresh Bread, we think not! Try our wholesome Whole Wheat, Seven Grain, Garlic and more, just add fresh butter and you've almost made a meal.

Faithfully serving our customers at The WIndmill for over 15 years, try us once and we know you'll be hooked for Life!